Information Security.

IT Security is one of the most important aspects of every software systems. We cover the full range from application security to infrastructure security


It more important than ever to ensure your business is compliant with internal and external IT security policies. We can help you to establish processes and practises to archive this.


Systems need to be continuously monitored to automatically detect unusual situations. Alerting is required to inform the right people so they can mitigate risks before they cause damage.

Cloud Security

Cloud-based systems need to be carefully designed and secured to prevent data leaks or cyber attacks. We are using best practises and proven strategies to protect your business.

Wide range of expertise

New technologies like container based deployments and Kubernetes require different security strategies. As a long-time user of these technologies we know how to tackle this topic.


Container Security

Container hardening, least privileged user, image vulnerability scanning to name only a few keywords. We have established a number of best practices to ensure optimal container security.

Kubernetes Security

Kubernetes introduces new concepts to deploy applications which are not compatible with classical security concepts. We employ tools like Istio to create secure deployments on top of Kubernetes.


Cloud Infrastructure Security

Your cloud provider only ensures security up to a certain level. It is the customers responsibility to design secure applications and correctly configure the cloud services. We can help you to stay safe and use the cloud in a secure way.

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