Platform Development.

We can architect your software systems and solve challenging problems.

We act as a one-stop-shop for software engineering.

Having substantial knowledge and experience in all areas of modern software engineering we can be your partner of choice.


Functional Programming

With extensive experience in this field we can make the most out of functional programming concepts.


Distributed Systems

Modern software systems are highly distributed and we know how to manage this.



Keep track of what's happening in your company from a centralized dashboard.


Data Engineering

We can help you to lay out a solid and felxible foundation for your data science needs.

Full Stack Engineering

Consultancy and delivery covering the full range of software projects.

We are covering the big picture of your project. Starting with a solid architecture and design up to delivery and maintenance.


Solid foundation for your platform.

Software Engineering

Based on industry best practises.


Secure systems which are compliant with your policies.


Always keeping your systems up and running

It is our passion to apply the latest technologies to implement highly competitive software systems and products for our customers.

Technology Stack

Get a glimpse of our technology stack

We are commited to Open Source and experts in cloud technologies. Using these individual building blocks we are able to compose complex systems.

Apache Kafka

The most advanced messaging system forms a perfect fit for modern microservice architectures. Empowers scalability and decoupling.


Programming language which empowers to translate complex requirements in a concise, flexible and maintainable codebase.


Solid Open Source database which is ahead of most commercial offerings. Top choice whenever a relational data store is required.


Functional Programming

We are great proponents of FP as it helps to deal with complexity in applications. Ecosystems like Typelevel consists of many useful libraries.

Amazon Web Services

As the leader in cloud computing AWS covers a broad range of services. We are extensively using AWS and have established a lot of knowledge.

Apache Spark

High performance platform for both batch and streaming data. We are using it as a foundation for data engineering and collaborative data science.